BCG History: 1963

First Month's Billings - $500

BCG is founded by Bruce D. Henderson as the Management Consulting Division of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company—itself a subsidiary of The Boston Company.

A former Bible salesman, Henderson had earned an undergraduate degree in engineering from Vanderbilt University before attending Harvard Business School. He left HBS ninety days before graduation to work for Westinghouse Corporation, where he became one of the youngest vice presidents in the company's history. He would leave Westinghouse to head Arthur D. Little's management services unit before accepting an improbable challenge from the CEO of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company to start a consulting arm for the bank.

BCG Insights & Highlights

  • Billings in the first month are just $500. Nonetheless, Bruce feels confident enough to double the size of the staff by hiring Arthur P. Contas in December.

  • Offices opened: Boston

  • Consultants = 2

  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is signed by the United States, the U.S.S.R., and Great Britain
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I have a dream" speech from the steps of Washington's Lincoln Memorial
  • Konrad Adenauer resigns as West German chancellor
  • U.S. President John F. Kennedy visits Berlin and in one of his most famous speeches declares "Ich bin ein Berliner"
  • In the biggest robbery to date, thieves steal £2.5 million from a British mail train
  • Harvard professor Timothy Leary is fired for experimenting on students with LSD
  • Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. writes "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
  • Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates U.S. President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22

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