BCG History: 1964

A Punch Between the Eyes

BCG begins mailing concise, highly provocative essays designed to stimulate senior management thinking on a range of business issues. The intent is described as follows:

Statements that senior business managers would find believable are not supported. Only provocative material is argued. The subject matter is chosen to be deliberately provocative, significant in implication, and relevant to the policy decisions of corporate competition.

The pieces would be called Perspectives and over the next four decades they would become the vehicle for thinking that consistently challenged both classic economic theory and current business practice. Bruce Henderson referred to them fondly as "a punch between the eyes."

BCG Insights & Highlights

  • BCG holds its first conference, at Endicott House in Dedham, Massachusetts. Six of eight attendees become clients within a year.
  • Consultants = 6
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  • The British Bank interest rate is increased to 7 percent
  • Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics
  • The PLO is founded in Jerusalem
  • South Africa is banned from the Olympics
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Beatlemania begins
  • Japan's first "bullet train" begins operation between Tokyo and Osaka
  • Ian Fleming's Thunderball is published
  • Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed is published
  • Popular dances at discotheques include the monkey, the watusi, the frug, and the funky chicken
  • Britain grants the first oil and gas exploration licenses for the North Sea

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