BCG History: 1979

Framing the Decisions that Matter

As product complexities and niche markets become more prevalent, Michael C. Goold writes "Specialization or the Full Product Line," a discussion of the natural conflicts between production scale (which reduces costs) and product proliferation, which increases costs but also (sometimes) adds value.

BCG Insights & Highlights

  • BCG completes its buyout of stock from The Boston Company, five years ahead of schedule
  • For the opening of the Chicago office the first employees sit on the floor to work because chairs are not delivered on time
  • Consultants = 277
  • Offices opened: Chicago

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  • Soviet troops invade Afghanistan in support of a Marxist regime
  • The shah of Iran is forced into exile. The ayatollah Khomeini takes power. In the months that follow, nearly 100 American Embassy personnel and U.S. Marines are taken hostage
  • Conservative Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female prime minister of Great Britain after the country's "Winter of Discontent"
  • Cambodia's Pol Pot regime collapses with the fall of the country's capital city, Phnom Penh
  • The cellular phone is invented
  • The Cray supercomputer is invented
  • Direct elections to the European Parliament are held for the first time
  • Mother Teresa wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Nuclear disaster is narrowly averted in the United States, at Pennsylvania's Three-Mile Island nuclear power plant

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