Johannesburg founded in 2011


The Boston Consulting Group's office in Johannesburg expands our presence in Africa, enhancing our ability to serve existing and new clients in South Africa. This is our first office in Sub-Saharan Africa and a natural choice given South Africa’s importance as a world-class economy and Johannesburg's status as the country’s largest city.

Johannesburg affords ready access to other key cities in the country: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban. South Africa’s thriving economy is the powerhouse of Africa, leading the continent in industrial output, mineral production, and electricity generation. This vibrant regional hub is testimony to the emergence of South Africa as a major player on the world stage, as demonstrated by its many continent- and world-leading companies.

Johannesburg is one of the top 40 metropolitan areas in the world, an international financial center, and the economic hub of South Africa. Primarily known as a gold prospecting capital in the late 1800s, the city is still home to many mining companies headquartered in the city. However, in recent years, service and manufacturing industries have become much larger parts of the city's economy.

Today, the city's major industries include banking, information technology and telecommunications, real estate, transportation, broadcast and print media, health care, and a strong consumer retail market. Johannesburg is home to Africa's largest stock exchange, and many government agencies also have offices in the city.

Our team in Johannesburg would be happy to help you navigate the business opportunities that South Africa presents.


4 Sandown Valley Crescent, 2nd Floor
Sandton, Johannesburg 2031 South Africa
Phone: +27 11 245 1600
Fax: +27 11 245 1601

Johannesburg Contacts

  • Adam Ikdal Email
    Senior Partner & Managing Director
  • Stefano Niavas Email
    Partner & Managing Director
  • Consultant Recruiting:
    Naleshnee Reddy Email
  • Media:
    Kathrin McCutcheon Email

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