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Industry Challenges

Education is critical to the infrastructure of any country, serving as a primary engine for innovation and growth. Top-performing education systems empower individuals to maximize their true potential, regardless of their background or beginning circumstances. To fundamentally change the trajectory of educational institutions over the next three to five years, it is crucial to select and prioritize the levers that need to be pulled to achieve maximum impact. The critical questions facing this field today include the following:

  • How do we change the culture and incentives to drive greater focus on student gains, college and workforce readiness, and closing of the achievement gap?

  • How do we identify pockets of success and then scale these successes to statewide or nationwide levels?

  • How can we implement changes in a way that is sustainable and strengthens the organizations or systems?

  • How do we develop effective strategies to recruit, evaluate, develop, and retain our most talented citizens for the education sector?

BCG Competencies

BCG supports the needs of educational systems around the world, tackling the key drivers of improvement in education:

BCG covers all major educational topics and works with every type of educational organization. Our Education topic leverages a strong regional and global network to share learning and innovation, and our local experts provide insights into the specific challenges facing each system or organization.

Our recent efforts include the following:

  • District-level and charter-system support (Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, and Washington)

  • State and province-level support (Delaware, North Carolina, and Victoria, Australia)

  • National programs (U.S. Department of Education and the National Math and Science Initiative)

  • Local and regional programs (Toronto, Illinois, and business@school)

  • University programs (Germany, United States)

Impact Stories

  • Setting Up the business@school Initiative
  • BCG’s business@school education initiative is building bridges between businesses and schools.
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  • Creating Change in a Large Public School System
  • In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, BCG develops a strategy for dramatically improving high schools.
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  • Pathways to Education Canada
  • See how BCG helped Pathways to Education Canada assess its social return and roll out the concept across the country.
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BCG's 50@50 Social Impact Initiative

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, BCG staff around the world have taken on game-changing social impact projects focusing on education, health, poverty and hunger, economic development, and the environment. learn more

Partnering to Support America’s Schools

BCG has teamed with Harvard Business School and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to explore the ways business leaders can help transform PK-12 education in the U.S. more

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  • Education Technology and the Twenty-First-Century Skill Gap
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