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BCG works with two-thirds of the Fortune 500, with new challengers from the emerging markets, and with other growing companies and philanthropic organizations.

But that is not what makes us unique. It is our ability to serve these clients with the same quality level and with the same uncompromising attitude in every part of the world.

We aspire to make a substantial difference. We pair deep industry expertise with fresh insights, a customized approach with a real passion to enable our clients.

Our clients honor this with lasting relationships and deep trust: nearly 90 percent of BCG's global business comes from repeat buyers, with 40 percent of these relationships exceeding ten years. But our favorite indicator is our clients' performance: our clients are outperforming the market.

And the favorite praise we hear from them is this: "We never knew how good we could be until we worked with BCG."

Our clients' success has created unparalleled opportunities for our people, too. Over the last two decades, BCG has grown at about 15 percent annually. We have continually opened new offices to improve our strength and presence around the world.
At BCG, you'll be writing many success stories—about our private-sector clients, our social-impact partners, or you.


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