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MSP Catalyst: Accelerating Long-term Success

A cloud-based data-science platform pairs with BCG's deep expertise for lasting insight and business impact.

To help uncover new opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage, profitability, and growth, companies need to leverage know-how and tools that can intelligently analyze—and derive meaningful insights from—a myriad of business data. 

The challenge that many organizations face in this pursuit is a metaphorical wall wedged between 20th-century decision-making processes and 21st-century information and technology. The data is out there, and the market is flooded with tools touted for their ability to effectively distill information into actionable results.

Unfortunately, most of those tools are so technical that a company’s practical decision makers aren’t able to use them to produce meaningful business impact. That leaves leaders turning to the traditional methods of decision making they’ve used in the past.

MSP Catalyst by BCG: Creating a Pipeline for Success

MSP Catalyst by BCG was developed as a solution to break through that wall keeping companies from realizing the promise of leading-edge data and technology. (MSP stands for Marketing, Sales, and Pricing.) The cloud-based MSP Catalyst toolset delivers the power of BCG’s consulting services alongside a potent yet easy-to-use data-science software platform that can be customized to your specific needs. 

It adapts to existing data and tools, integrating seamlessly with and then building on these to enhance commercial capabilities. MSP Catalyst delivers a distinct advantage over other solutions in the marketplace: pairing BCG’s deep marketing, sales, and pricing expertise with a self-serve business intelligence toolset ensures that you can use the tool with success long after BCG exits the engagement with you.

Marketing and Pricing Apps

MSP Catalyst is not a one-size-fits-all tool: it’s an integrated set of tools delivering a tailored solution for every project. The core platform hosts specialized apps that add to each implementation rich topic- and industry-specific analytics, visualizations, and business logic so that your teams can get up and running quickly. 

The MSP Marketing Catalyst by BCG application connects data and impact analytics to marketing decisions. Its capabilities include:

  • A common currency to compare return on investment across brands and markets 
  • A single, integrated underlying data set 
  • An allocation of marketing resources that maps to your company's goals 
  • The ability to uncover opportunities after viewing a project from all angles, including competition, pricing, promotions, trade, and distribution 
  • Tools to create marketing campaigns for both short-term sales generation and long-term brand-building goals.

Analytics derived from Marketing Catalyst provide deeply detailed information that feeds into two different modules. The Strategic Module reviews performance and allocates marketing resources across brands, geographies, and sales channels. The Tactical Module reports on brand performance and helps you plan high-performance marketing campaigns mapped to brand goals.

The MSP B2B Pricing Catalyst by BCG application helps your company understand its power in the often opaque and high-stakes world of B2B pricing. Its features include: 

  • A model of the drivers of customers' willingness to pay that compares pricing decisions to the "right price" for the deal 
  • Powerful diagnostics to identify areas of pricing opportunity and review a project’s performance 
  • Price targets and floors for communication to sales forces 
  • Planning of pricing and strategy for each product on a case-by-case basis 
  • Decision support for pricing negotiations 
  • Monitoring of pricing impact over time

Marketing & Sales