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Winning retailers can see beyond managing day-to-day operations, enabling them to define a substantially better offering for their customers. They can then execute that vision in a better, more economic way in order to create value and win in the market.

Bionic Retailers: Rethinking the Digital Shopping Experience

The launch of the Amazon Go store has retailers reimagining their digital and analytical capabilities. BCG’s Peter Burggraaf discusses the necessary steps to becoming a “bionic” retailer.

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Put Big Data to Work

Big data can explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of retailing.

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Retail in Australia & New Zealand

Help Your Shelf: The Moves Mainstream Grocers Must Make Now

The offerings of most grocery chains are costlier and more complex than they need to be. Learn how grocers can shake up their operating models.

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Succeed with a Store-Led Strategy

Big performance gains are possible when executives are ready and willing to drive an integrated store-first change program.

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Reimagine Stores to Enhance the Shopping Experience

Stores have to be reimagined to create richer shopping experiences that reflect their customers' needs and shopping preferences.

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