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MSP B2B Pricing Catalyst by BCG

MSP B2B Pricing Catalyst by BCG offers a quick and flexible way to make smart, data-driven pricing decisions.

These days, organizations are flooded with more pricing data than ever before. But without the right tools, businesses find it hard to make sense of all that information. That’s where MSP B2B Pricing Catalyst by BCG can make a meaningful difference. (MSP stands for Marketing, Sales, and Pricing.)

B2B Pricing Catalyst is an easy-to-use yet powerful application designed specifically to help your company’s pricing analysts make smart, data-driven pricing decisions. The tool can visualize, analyze, and forecast product pricing based on current and historical deals. It also uses powerful diagnostics to identify areas of pricing opportunity , sets price guidelines relative to customer willingness to pay, and plans pricing strategy for each product on a customer-by-customer basis. 

B2B Pricing Catalyst contains several powerful analytic and visualization tools:

To be effective, a pricing tool must be based on robust data—a critical component of the MSP Catalyst by BCG platform. The platform serves as the foundation for the B2B Pricing Catalyst application. It enables pricing analysts and BCG teams to manage complex data with powerful tools for data cleaning, blending, and filtering; cloud-based analytics; and innovative yet intuitive visualization and business intelligence capabilities. 

No other pricing application incorporates BCG’s proven expertise to help drive winning results. See how B2B Pricing Catalyst can turn complex data into a competitive advantage for your own company.

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