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BCG in Oslo

Parkveien 53A
Oslo 0256

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Consultant Recruiting

Silje Torgnes

+47 95 89 68 07


Åse Ullmann

+47 21 04 68 01


Åse Ullmann

+47 21 04 68 01

How Nordic Boards Create Exceptional Value

To survive in today’s volatile business environment, companies need active boards that spot disruptive trends and help executives think several years ahead. A BCG study of Nordic companies, which consistently rank among the world’s top value creators, offers insights into how all companies can promote long-term success.

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The Nordic Agenda 2016: Bringing Growth Back To Focus

The Nordic countries are losing their competiveness and a transformation is needed to change direction. We believe that by addressing the workforce gap caused by the aging population and by stimulating the most productive industries, the Nordics could return on a path of healthy economic growth. In 2014, we created the Nordic Agenda, a set of ten recommendations to transform the Nordics for competitiveness and growth. We have now followed up on their progress. The Nordics have slowly started to embark on the agenda, but we feel the speed of change is still insufficient and there is a lot more to be done.

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