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MSP Marketing Catalyst by BCG

MSP Marketing Catalyst by BCG turns big and complex data into a competitive advantage.

MSP Marketing Catalyst by BCG

How it Works

Marketing Catalyst is a powerful platform that converts millions of data points into a common currency, providing a quick and flexible way to optimize your marketing mix and campaign planning. This tutorial shows you how to use the application.

While marketing is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of data, information, and analytics, many marketers struggle to make sense of all the information and to make actionable decisions. The data is fragmented across many different marketing instruments, sales channels, and geographies, making it hard to capture an accurate overall picture of the marketing landscape. Moreover, the analytics tools needed to make sense of this data are usually developed by scientists and engineers, who speak a much different language than marketers. 

Consequently, many marketing professionals aren’t able to use existing tools effectively and relegate their decision making mostly to a gut feel based on partial and fragmented information. 

That’s where the MSP Marketing Catalyst by BCG application can make a meaningful difference. (MSP stands for Marketing, Sales, and Pricing.) Marketing Catalyst is an advanced technology solution that pairs with BCG’s deep expertise in marketing, sales, and pricing. The toolset pulls together harmonized data, research, and analytics in a single, intuitive interface that helps organizations make informed strategic and tactical marketing decisions. It creates value by matching a company’s marketing investments with growth- and value-generation opportunities. And it is designed to turn complex data into actionable insights that marketing professionals can readily understand and use to provide competitive advantage for their companies. 

Marketing Catalyst offers:

  • A common currency to assess and compare return on investment across brands and markets
  • A multilens approach that allows users to look at a task from complementary angles—market and category dynamics, competition, marketing lift and return on investment (ROI), pricing, and promotion
  • A single, integrated underlying data set to ensure one source of the truth 
  • Sophisticated allocation options based not on theoretical computations but on ROI, future profit pools, and cost of growth 
  • A marketing mix built at the campaign level—rather than from the top down—to reflect how marketers actually plan 
  • Integrated, standardized econometrics across markets, with growth-driver modeling for markets with less or limited data 
  • A solution built on an integrated marketing data platform

Marketing Catalyst consists of a Strategic Module and a Tactical Module. The Strategic Module analyzes brand performance and marketing-investment allocation, while the Tactical Module can be used to determine the optimal marketing mix.

Turning Complex Data into Competitive Advantage

Marketing Catalyst unleashes the power of data and analytics to help marketing managers make informed, data-driven decisions. No other solution incorporates BCG’s proven expertise in helping businesses automate marketing decisions and drive winning results. See how Marketing Catalyst by BCG can turn complex data into a competitive advantage for your own company.

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