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Industry Focus

Postmerger Integration in Retail

How to boost the odds that your M&A deal delivers the value you’re counting on? Start planning early for success—using a proven five-step process.

Trends in PMI

Thinking Laterally in PMI

Instead of treating the integration of business functions as a narrow exercise in cost reduction, companies should use PMI to rethink how a particular function can enhance value.

Powering Up for PMI

The success of a postmerger integration effort is largely determined by the strategic and tactical choices that leaders make before the PMI is executed.

Creating Value

Postmerger Integration Rejuvenation

Large, well-established companies should turn away from the classic PMI and instead embrace a more nuanced postmerger approach—and rejuvenate their potential for growth.

Do You Know Your Value Pattern?

Two winners in the 2012 Value Creators rankings illustrate how to develop a value creation strategy that truly fits a company’s starting position and opportunity set.

M&A Lessons

Why Deals Fail

Companies making multiple acquisitions are far more successful than “one-timers,” which lack experience and have exaggerated expectations and poor processes.

Postmerger Integration