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Media & Entertainment

Shifting consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, convergence, and quadruple play offerings are revolutionizing the media industry. These changes are driving merger and acquisition activity and major transformations within media companies. Across media sectors, companies must “ramp down” traditional offerings and “ramp up” new revenue streams, and innovate business models. They also must improve operational efficiency, strengthen brand perception, and identify new opportunities for value creation.

A new digital paradigm isn’t necessarily a death sentence for print publishers. A complete overhaul in how you think, plan, operate, and define success in all aspects of your business can strengthen your brand and grow readership and revenues.

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Pricing is a powerful tool for media firms to generate revenue gains, help increase stickiness with customers, and set information services on a new growth trajectory. How can you create a more effective pricing strategy?

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Discover how BCG supported a large Asian media company in a print-to-online transformation.

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