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Nicolas Kachaner: Business Model Innovation (BMI)

Kachaner_Nicolas_thumb_lgNicolas Kachaner is a senior partner and managing director in BCG’s Paris office. He joined BCG in Paris in 1988 and subsequently worked in BCG’s London office for two years and the Brussels office for four years.

Nicolas is a core member of BCG’s Strategy practice area and the head of the practice for Europe. He is BCG’s global topic leader for strategic planning.

Nicolas has been a BCG Fellow since 2010. His research topic is business model innovation (BMI). Many leading companies have been challenged by newcomers offering a novel value proposition to customers or running a radically different operating model.

A well-known example is the surge of low-cost airlines in the travel industry. There are many other examples across sectors, regions, and segments. The purpose of the fellowship research is to build on BCG’s existing knowledge and pursue an understanding of this phenomenon for the benefit of our clients.

Nicolas has deep and concrete experience in BMI projects:

  • Developed a growth strategy for a leading producer of optical lenses, which involved addressing several new business models, including low-cost, Internet, and direct-to-corporate models

  • Reviewed the business model evolution and shift in profit pools for a large European apparel manufacturer

  • Led the reorganization of the sales and marketing teams by business model (as opposed to by product group or customer segment) for a provider of business-to-business services

  • Redefined customer relationships according to three business models for a leading producer of fragrances

  • Developed a multichannel growth strategy for a leading producer of baby food

Nicolas is a graduate of École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Paris with a specialization in entrepreneurial business development.


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