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Learn how BCG helped an industrial-equipment manufacturer increase growth by capitalizing on breakthrough innovation.

EquipmentCo is a multibillion-dollar capital-equipment manufacturer with the leading global-market share in its core business lines. This company has been very good at incremental innovation and has introduced many product innovations to the market.  Also, it has robust processes for all aspects of innovation required to sustain its position in the market. 

However, it had been struggling to develop truly “game-changing” or “new-to-the-world” innovations and bring them to market. Given its strong market share, EquipmentCo’s CEO was concerned that future growth might slow if the company failed to build its capability to generate breakthrough innovations— and capitalize on them once they were launched. 

BCG was asked to help develop and implement a holistic approach (including processes, organization and governance, tools, and capabilities) to creating breakthrough innovation and increasing growth.

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