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A New Positioning Strategy for a Health Care Player

Learn how customer research uncovered the best way to educate and raise awareness about a pharmaceutical product.

PharmaCo is a leading, global pharmaceutical company with a broad range of top-performing products. PharmaCo wants to ensure that both physicians and patients are aware of the latest facts and findings about its products, so that they can make the best decisions for each patient's individual health situation.

Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have approached physicians directly to communicate about the benefits and applications of their medications, and they have assumed that the physician alone would advise the patient. However, increasing regulatory restrictions have made it more difficult to gain access to physicians. Also, patients today are learning more about drug options from the Internet and mass media, not just from physicians.

To address patients’ growing role in researching their own drug options, and to better target its discussions with physicians, PharmaCo asked BCG to explore new go-to-market approaches and communication strategies for one specific new product in Europe.

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