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Meet Our Center for Consumer and Customer Insight Experts

BCG's experts represent a rich and diverse group whose experience encompasses the key issues faced by companies around the world. For every focus area, we also have local experts who provide key insights into the dynamics of each individual market.

Our integrated network of experts allows us to share best practices and leverage crucial information on the latest trends. For more information on our experts, use the links below to contact them or learn about their latest insight through their interviews on key business topics.

  • Catherine Roche
  • Partner & Managing Director
  • Toronto
  • View video interview with Catherine Roche on how companies can use consumer insight to their advantage in an increasingly digital economy.

  • Christine Barton
  • Partner & Managing Director
  • Dallas
  • Read the interview with Christine Barton about how consumer insight can bring the "right brain" and "left brain" together to drive better business results.
  • Carol Liao
  • Senior Partner & Managing Director
  • Hong Kong

Our Publications

  • A Change of Pace in Chinese Consumer Sentiment
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  • Millennial Passions: Food, Fashion, and Friends
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  • The Tiger Roars
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Impact Stories

  • A New Positioning Strategy for a Health Care Player
  • Learn how customer research uncovered the best way to educate and raise awareness about a pharmaceutical product.
  • read more

Partnering With Clients

We build long-term relationships with our clients, focusing on all issues that drive fundamental change and improvement in their competitive positions. More

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