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Restoring Public Trust in a Finance Institution

See how BCG helped a major Asian retail finance institution restore public trust through compliance management.

FinCo was one of the major retail finance institutions in Asia. It had multi-billion-dollar revenue and was lending money in millions of small accounts.

It was alleged that some of its employees had violated laws and collected debt from customers illegally, and therefore suffered penalties for infringement of the regulation laws for money lenders. As a result, FinCo's entire operation was shut down for some time, an occasion that caused it to lose many accounts and that hurt its corporate brand severely.

BCG was hired by FinCo to diagnose the root causes of the legal infringement, to propose a set of fundamental reform measures for reinforcing compliance management, and to help develop a detailed action plan for restoring public trust and confidence in FinCo by remolding it into a more socially responsible organization.

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