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Addressing the Math and Science Crisis

Find out how BCG supported a public-private partnership in its startup phase.

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) was launched in 2007 to dramatically improve math and science education by taking effective programs with a track record of success to scale nationwide.  NMSI began by scaling two programs:

  • The Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program has produced dramatic achievement gains in rigorous math and science courses in public high schools across the country. Students who pass an AP exam are much more likely to attend and graduate from college than students who do not participate in AP. NMSI’s goal is to increase the number of students—especially female and minority students—taking and receiving qualifying scores in AP math, science, and English exams.

  • The UTeach Program is an innovative teacher-preparation program that addresses the critical shortage of qualified math and science teachers in America. UTeach recruits talented content majors in math and science into teaching—resulting in improved teacher quality and production.  The program produces teachers who are confident and competent in teaching their subject matters, and who are more likely to enter and stay in teaching.

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