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Jean-Michel Caye: Talent

caye_jean-michel_thumb_lgJean-Michel Caye is an organization and human resources expert now leading the HR/people advantage and talent topics for BCG globally. He is also a core member of the Financial Institutions, People & Organization, and Corporate Development practice areas.

Jean-Michel has been a BCG Fellow since 2011, and his research topic is talent. Despite past crises and future uncertainty, the so-called war for talent is reaching unprecedented levels due to global aging and global economic development. Today, often because of a lack of imagination, too many organizations chose to "buy" rather than to "make" their talent, nurturing a de-facto value destruction spiral.

A far more powerful approach is to "build" talent—or, in other words, "Make talent, not war!"
The goal of Jean-Michel's research will be to determine the ingredients for a successful approach to building talent:

  • What metrics should be used, and which talent intelligence data should we rely on to define a talent strategy that fits with market conditions and business needs, and also generates appropriate economic returns?

  • How can we best use diversity (of all sorts) as a lever to break the "cloning spiral" and generate efficient talent sourcing?

  • How can we accelerate learning and development, so as to create the competencies we need and that markets will hardly procure, and to form generations of leaders fitting with twenty-first century requirements?

  • How do we create a culture of high performance and collaboration?

  • What are the characteristics of a "talent magnet" culture to that nurtures success?

Jean-Michel has worked extensively on people advantage and talent issues in numerous industries around the world. His areas of expertise include talent and leadership, strategic workforce planning, performance management and rewards, learning and development, and HR function excellence.

He has also worked on a number of international postmerger integrations, focusing on program management, cultural integration and employee communications. He has led several business turnarounds, taking on issues such as workforce restructuring and workforce engagement.

Before BCG, Jean-Michel was a director at HayGroup, responsible for the reward practice in France. He also worked in the IT service industry prior to joining Hay. Jean-Michel holds degrees in economics, political science, business law, and human resources.

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