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Go-to-Market Strategy

When companies “go to market,” they bring together all the commercial functions—sales, marketing, brand management, pricing, and consumer insight—to drive the bottom line. This raises a set of key challenges, and companies face some critical questions:

  • How can we ensure that our go-to-market strategy fits the current needs of our business model, channels, and customers?

  • What measures can we take to improve alignment and integration across the various commercial functions?

  • How can altering our go-to-market approach help support cost-reduction efforts—without harming the core business?

  • How can we build the best-in-class capabilities required to support an effective go-to-market strategy?

BCG’s Go-to-Market Strategy experts use an integrated approach to help clients improve their commercial activities and achieve competitive advantage. We work with companies to assess the effectiveness of their current marketing and sales capabilities and identify the areas most in need of attention. Read More 

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