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Deep consumer insight is crucial to successful strategy development and execution. Understanding what matters to customers and drives their behavior is essential for leveraging countless sources of advantage—from creating growth opportunities or new offerings to evaluating acquisition targets or outsourcing strategies. Quite simply, consumer insight helps companies answer some of today’s most important questions:

  • What are the most attractive segments for us? Which segments are sizable, economically attractive, and defensible? What are these customers’ needs, and how can we serve them?

  • How are we and our competitors perceived by our customers, and by our potential customers? 

  • What are the purchase and decision patterns of customers? Where are the biggest profit pools, and what are the key levers and triggers to acquire and retain customers?

  • Where can we grow? Can we profitably extend our brand(s) into new products, categories, and segments?

BCG Competencies

Through the Center for Consumer and Customer Insight, BCG applies a unique, integrated approach that brings clients the full value of deeper customer understanding. We strive to uncover insight that translates into actionable strategies that drive economic impact. Our customized consumer research is grounded in deep knowledge of business context and tightly integrated into strategic decision-making.

We push for deep insights and tie our findings directly to their economic impact and their value to an organization. We also partner with companies to expand their existing capabilities, utilize their internal expertise, and leverage their category knowledge. The Center for Consumer and Customer Insight comprises a dedicated global team of experts, who partner with approximately 4,000 consultants trained in this discipline to support our case teams and bring specific understanding and experience to each project.

We have conducted our own research over many years in order to uncover the most pertinent insight into customer thinking. We talk to each client’s customers and design qualitative tools and quantitative surveys that are specific to them. Because of this hands-on approach, we can hear the customer’s voice directly and interpret it appropriately, allowing us to extract the most valuable insight.

Beyond this, we also have proprietary tools  that we have developed over the years—qualitative and quantitative techniques that give deep insight and that are custom-applied to each client. We bring with us to each case a history of actionable insights, drawing on our research and publications on leading-edge topics. By systematically integrating our consumer insight research into our work, we enable our clients to create real-world impact.

Our work in the Center for Consumer and Customer Insight spans all regions, industries, and topics. BCG has worked on more than 1,500 consumer-insight projects around the world in the past decade—including 400 in the past two years. The center is sponsored by BCG's Marketing and Sales and Consumer practices, with support from the Global Advantage practice in emerging markets.

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