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Alliances have become an increasingly important—and complex—part of corporate strategy. But the advantages of shared risk are often offset by unclear governance and lack of genuine commitment, leading to several important questions:

  • In which areas—geographies, product lines, or functions—might an alliance or joint venture make sense? Is it better than an outright acquisition?

  • For a given opportunity, who are the right potential partners?

  • How can we prepare for alliance or joint venture negotiations—for example, for value capture and split?

  • How can we ensure constructive management and decision making in the alliance?

  • How can we set up an active joint-venture-and-alliance portfolio-management process for evaluating strategic options?

BCG works with its clients to find the best way to structure and manage their alliances and partnerships to achieve the strategic goals of the venture. Alliances can be notoriously difficult to manage. We help companies put a structured process in place, covering every step of alliance development. Read More 

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