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As more companies take a systematic look at their corporate portfolios, divestiture, or the sell-off of pieces of the portfolio, is quickly rising to the top of the corporate-finance agenda. This is leading companies to consider a number of important questions:

  • Which businesses should I think about exiting and why?

  • Which is the best divestiture path: trade sale, private-equity sale, management buyout, or initial public offering?

  • Who would be the best buyer to ensure maximum value realization?

  • How can I attract that buyer with a compelling equity story and defendable business plan?

BCG works with companies to ensure that their decisions to divest are based on a clear strategic rationale and sound principles of value creation. We ground all of our work in a company's portfolio strategy, determining which businesses do or do not fit. We also advise on the best approach to divestiture. Read More 


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Impact Stories

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  • Divestiture of Business Unit from Financially Challenged Major Bank
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Sell-Side Success the BCG Way

Sell-Side SuccessCheck out some real-world examples of how we have supported successful divestitures, spin-offs, and carve-outs—and the key lessons we have learned along the way. 

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