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Value Creation Strategy

To create sustainable, long-term shareholder value, it is important to explicitly establish an appropriate shareholder value target. The key to reaching this target—and achieving a competitive advantage—is the alignment of business, financial, and investor strategies. Therefore, companies must ask the following important questions:  

  • How can we pressure-test financial policies to ensure that we have the right capital-structure, dividend, and buy-back policies?
  • What is my shareholders’ investment thesis?
  • Are my strategies aligned to target the right investors—those that will support my medium- to long-term business and financial strategy?
  • Will my plans create enough shareholder value to reach my targets?

BCG works with clients to optimize medium- to long-term total shareholder return (TSR) at both the corporate and business-unit levels. Through proprietary regression techniques, we identify and assess the relevance of the company-specific valuation drivers and benchmark the results against those of peers. Read More 


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Value Creation Strategy

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