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For most companies, innovation is the key to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Companies that are not effective innovators face a number of challenges:

  • How do we improve the financial returns from our current activities?
  • How can our company build and sustain an innovative culture?
  • What does it mean to be an effective innovation leader?
  • How should we be measuring innovation?
  • How can we modernize our business model?

BCG has extensive experience across the full range of topics facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their innovation activities. To create a strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal, we also have a special focus on business model innovation. We work closely with companies around the world with one goal in mind: to increase the returns on their investments in innovation. Read More 

Impact Stories

  • Building Breakthrough Innovation Capabilities
  • Learn how BCG helped an industrial-equipment manufacturer increase growth by capitalizing on breakthrough innovation.
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  • Improving R&D Performance in the Automotive Industry
  • See how BCG worked with a major automotive manufacturer to help bring about an R&D transformation.
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  • Creating a “Corporate University” for a Major Bank
  • Learn how BCG partnered with the CEO of a major European bank to develop the concept of a “corporate university.”
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