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Despite global economic trends, organizations face an extremely diverse set of people-related challenges that vary with the market environments in which they operate. Nonetheless, many companies now confront a common set of questions:

  • How do we build sustainable, competitive people advantage in different global environments?

  • How do we effectively link business and personnel strategy?

  • How can we attract and develop the best talent and leaders around the world?

  • How can we develop work force flexibility and agility?

  • How can our human resources (HR) function accelerate economic value creation?

BCG works with clients to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focus, business connection, and excellence in execution. Our global studies in people advantage are among the most comprehensive and renowned fact-based studies of the topic worldwide. Read More 

Impact Stories

  • HR As an Accelerator of Economic Value Creation
  • BCG helped HR leaders accelerate value creation, change mindsets, and strengthen their reputation as a highly credible and contributing business partner.
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  • Developing a People Strategy from the Ground Up
  • See how BCG helped a client build and implement a people strategy that significantly improved the reputation of the HR function.
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