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No other organizational phenomenon is as intrinsically tied to the rise of the modern multibusiness corporation as the role of the corporate center. As a result of changing internal and external forces, corporate leaders now face a number of new questions:

  • What are the megatrends affecting our business, and how do we adjust the role and accountabilities of our corporate center accordingly?

  • How do we determine the optimal size of our corporate headquarters?

  • How do we most efficiently add value to business units (through vertical synergies) with minimal cost?

Our Role of the Center experts are an integrated part of our work in corporate strategy, organization models, and people behavior. BCG’s global expertise provides a holistic approach to adjusting the role of the corporate center to the new challenges corporations are facing. Read More 

Impact Stories

  • Organizational Transformation at the Center and Business Unit Levels to Reach Strategic Goal
  • See how BCG helped a leading Chinese consumer goods company define long-term business opportunities and transform the organization both at the center and at the BU level to enable these opportunities.
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  • Designing a Strategic Decision-Making Process That Balances the Rights of the Corporate Center with Those of the Business Units
  • See how BCG designed a strategic decision-making process that balances the rights of the corporate center with those of the business units.
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  • Reorganizing a European Bank’s Corporate Center
  • See how BCG assisted a client in reorganizing its corporate center activities to create a value-adding headquarters.
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