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Sustainability is an issue that is relevant and important to all companies across all industries, although certain industries and organizations may be more directly affected than others. The question of how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs has important environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

The world's population has more than doubled since 1960; given that fact, combined with economic growth in emerging economies, demand for many natural resources is rising faster than supply. The speed and scale of change in today’s world are unprecedented, resulting in a fast-changing market environment.

This landscape presents not only challenges but also opportunities. The leading companies today can recognize tangible savings through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more efficient supply-chain management. A focus on sustainability can also be leveraged to create intangible values such as brand recognition, employee motivation, and attraction of top talent.

The question is no longer "Why is sustainability important?" but rather "How do we approach sustainability most effectively to gain advantage, leverage our capabilities, and reduce future risks?" BCG has created a global Sustainability Practice to support our clients in developing robust, long-term strategies and help them leverage competitive advantages from their sustainability efforts. Read More 

Impact Stories

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