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Governments around the world are under pressure to support economic growth, improve living standards and provide security for their societies. But, heightened levels of public scrutiny and demands for greater fiscal responsibility mean that governments everywhere must not only deliver more, they must also do it more efficiently and more effectively.

Although the public sector has always been a demanding environment, there is no doubt that the impact of today's rapidly changing economic and technological landscape—together with the longer term policy implications arising from an ageing population, climate change, and globalization—has made the government's task of doing business more complex than ever before.

BCG works with a wide range of government bodies to address the specific challenges they are facing. By bringing our extensive public and private sector experience to each client engagement—and enabling these organizations to build their skills and capabilities—we are driving innovative solutions in the public sector and shaping its future across the globe.Read More

Impact Stories

  • Performance Improvement in an Academic Medical Center
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  • Greening a Major North American Metropolitan Region
  • See how BCG partnered with a major North American metropolitan region to find ways to reduce environmental pollution.
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  • SME Development Program for a Sub-Saharan Government
  • See how BCG’s SME development program for a sub-Saharan government targeted credit, human and physical capital, and rule of law.
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