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  • Article
  • August, 2014
  • In Omnichannel Retail, It’s Still About Detail
  • Pierre Mercier, David Welch, Guillaume Crétenot
  • Convenience is king in the world of omnichannel retail. Nowhere is that more true than in the growing preference for “click and collect” shopping. Retailers that can fulfill such orders quickly possess a distinct advantage. Supply chain and in-store processes must be accurate and reliable; otherwise, shoppers will go elsewhere.

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  • Report
  • August, 2014
  • Automotive Value Creators Report 2014: A Comeback in the Making
  • Xavier Mosquet, Justin Rose, Rakshita Agrawal, Frank Plaschke, Sachin Nandgaonkar, Marco Gerrits
  • The automotive industry is proving resilient. After being shaken to its foundations by the financial crisis, original-equipment manufacturers and component makers are staging an impressive comeback. To keep up the pace, though, companies in both sectors need to focus on building global scale, creating innovative products, and boosting margins.
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  • Article
  • August, 2014
  • Less Can Be More for Product Portfolios: Attacking Complexity While Enhancing the Value of Diversity
  • Hannes Pichler, Peter Dawe, Love Edquist
  • Companies in all industries can reduce their product portfolio’s complexity without negatively affecting consumer perception of the variety of their offerings. The solution entails combining insights about the market and supply chain to make the right trade-offs between the cost of complexity and the value of diversity.
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