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  • Article
  • January, 2015
  • Why Advanced Manufacturing Will Boost Productivity
  • Harold L. Sirkin, Michael Zinser, Justin Rose
  • A confluence of forces—falling prices and rising performance of enabling hardware and software, technical breakthroughs, and mounting pressure on manufacturers to be more flexible and eco-friendly—is likely to accelerate adoption of the next generation of advanced-manufacturing technologies. These tools may redefine the economics of global production in many industries.
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  • Focus
  • January, 2015
  • M&A in China: Getting Deals Done, Making Them Work
  • Veronique Yang, Rick Liang, Jeff Walters, Hubert Hsu, Jens Kengelbach, Tawfik Hammoud
  • Many multinationals mistakenly believe that value-generating acquisitions are nearly impossible in China. Our experience demonstrates that two critical steps—regulatory approval and postmerger integration—can be successfully managed. Regulatory approval can be approached in a systematic manner, and cultural differences can be decoded to create a customized integration process.
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  • Article
  • January, 2015
  • Making Big Data Work: Supply Chain Management
  • Libor Kotlik, Christian Greiser, Michele Brocca
  • In recent decades, companies have looked to technology, lean manufacturing, and global production to increase efficiency and reduce costs. But these tactics are yielding diminishing returns. Big data and advanced analytics represent the next frontier of supply chain innovation. Three opportunities offer high potential.
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