Marketing & Sales

Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth

You can’t simply replicate the success of apostle brands like Apple or Amazon. Your company will have its own constraints, market conditions, challenges, and opportunities. But you can imagine a better future. Our eight rules provide a game plan for converting your customers into diehard followers and ardent advocates.

Technology & Digital

The Need for U.S. Digital Engagement

To make sure U.S. companies and consumers continue to have access to the Internet’s transformational capabilities, both government and private-sector leaders need to stay engaged in the Internet’s long-term evolution—or risk ceding influence to others that are pursuing their own agendas. 

Financial Institutions

The Seven Deadly Pricing Sins of Corporate Banks

Despite the rising urgency for corporate banks to boost financial returns, few systematically scrutinize their pricing practices. That is a costly mistake. Repricing is a low-risk way to improve growth and margins, even when organic revenue growth is stalled. Instead, most banks remain mired in the industry's pricing status quo.

Media & Entertainment

Branded Content: Growth for Marketers and Media Companies

Branded content—content that carries a consumer benefit, serves the brand, and is presented in an environment that consumers find authentic—is big and getting bigger. It offers marketers the opportunity to build or deepen consumer relationships and provides media companies with new sources of revenue.

Energy & Environment

Value Creation in Power and Gas

Despite the increasingly challenging business environment of recent years, a number of power and gas companies have managed to generate solid returns for their investors. A critical reason for this is the companies’ heavy emphasis on returning cash to their shareholders.


How Retailers Can Improve Promotion Effectiveness

Brick-and-mortar retailers rely heavily on promotions, which can account for up to 45 percent of revenues. Yet companies often don’t know which promotions are working, or why. By implementing a four-part solution, retailers can improve promotion performance and increase their margins on promotions by 2 to 5 percentage points.

Corporate Development & Finance

The 2015 Value Creators Rankings

The 2015 BCG Value Creators rankings list the top ten companies worldwide and in 27 industrial sectors on the basis of TSR performance for the five years from 2010 through 2014. Who were the big winners?  

Corporate Development & Finance

Value Creation and Transformation

Focusing on value creation can be extremely useful to jump-start a far-reaching organizational and business transformation. Follow these six steps to reinvent your company’s value-creation strategy.

Corporate Development & Finance

PulteGroup: Transforming the Business Model

When the U.S. home-building industry was hit hard by the financial crisis, the stock of home builder PulteGroup lost 95 percent of its value. But a new focus on value creation allowed the company to fundamentally change its business model and become one of the highest-performing value creators in the industry.

Corporate Development & Finance

Maersk Group: Creating a Premium Conglomerate

In the past five years, the container-shipping industry has faced severe economic headwinds as a result of the collapse of global trade after the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent slow recovery. But that hasn’t stopped industry giant Maersk Group from successfully navigating the turbulence, improving its value-creation performance, and outperforming its peers.