Civic Consulting Alliance

BCG’s Center for Illinois' Future helped the Civic Consulting Alliance to draft a roadmap for the governor-elect’s first 100 days.

Civic Consulting Alliance

The state of Illinois faced significant challenges: Education and health indicators lagged the rest of country. Complex government operations and a lack of transparency eroded public trust in public agencies. Infrastructure required significant investment. The Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA) called on BCG to facilitate transition committees that would draw up a set of recommendations for the governor-elect to employ during his first 100 days in office and beyond.


BCG Solution

BCG partnered with the CCA to build a comprehensive roadmap to help get Illinois back on track. Specifically, BCG built the analytical foundation to pinpoint the key problems that the state faced. Then, working with hundreds of stakeholders, the team helped the CCA build comprehensive transition plans for economic development, infrastructure, and operations that would enable the new governor to hit the ground running upon inauguration.


The new governor embraced the plan fully. Shortly after inauguration, the governor made several public announcements about his plan to turn around Illinois, and many of his proposals developed directly from BCG's set of recommendations.

About Civic Consulting Alliance

The Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA) works with the best private-sector talent and local nonprofits in the Chicago area to help committed public officials solve the region’s most pressing problems. Prior to the 2014 election, BCG worked with the CCA to help build a comprehensive, nonpartisan roadmap for incoming lawmakers, pinpointing and addressing the critical problems facing Illinois.

Center for Illinois' Future