Brian Anderson is a core member of the Consumer practice area at Boston Consulting Group. He is also involved with BCG’s Large Scale Change Initiative and is the lead for Dallas Alumni Relations.

Brian’s current focus is on digital transformation for consumer goods companies and large scale change programs. Most recently, he developed a new digital go-to-market model and capability build for a global tire manufacturer. He also led the joint-value creation effort between a DIY retailer and a strategic supplier to explore opportunities to accelerate growth through improved in-aisle merchandising and an omnichannel experience integrated across manufacturer and retailer. He also has extensive experience in corporate development and strategy, specifically shareholder value creation.

Before joining BCG, Brian was a director of corporate strategy for Mars, Inc., where he led the company's global Center of Excellence for Strategy. He was also a product marketing manager for National Instruments, a maker of rapid prototyping and production test equipment.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience