David Rokeach is a member of Boston Consulting Group’s Consumer practice and an expert in digital and advanced analytics and large-scale transformation. He works primarily with retail clients on data and advanced analytics, as well as advising clients in other industries, including government, the environment, consumer goods, and health care. David is one of the leaders of BCG's philanthropic relationship with the National Park Foundation.

In 2016-2017, David was a core member of the firm’s presidential transition planning efforts, supporting the setup and execution of federal transition efforts from pre-party convention through inauguration. He is advising 2020 transition efforts as well.

David currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Millennial Action Project, a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to activating Millennial policymakers and leaders to create post-partisan political cooperation.

Before coming to BCG, David was a policy adviser in the US House and Senate, advising on legislative strategy in technology, energy, environment, space, transportation, defense, and other topics.