Jakub Jaworowski joined Boston Consulting Group in Warsaw in February 2016 and moved to the Dubai office in July 2017. Jakub specializes in public sector projects, advising clients on economic impact assessment, development economics topics, and labor market issues.

Jakub’s work in the Middle East has included the creation of a public sector decision-making support system, a labor market subsidy design and implementation, and an economic analysis of key parts of Vision 2030, as well as the design of an ecosystem of developmental funds. In Poland, he advised a countrywide public sector digitization project.

Jakub is also the co-author and key contributor to BCG’s Middle East Economic Intelligence initiative aiming to provide BCG consulting teams with tools to conduct basic macroeconomic analyses and design economic impact assessment systems.

Before joining the firm, Jakub served as Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland. He managed Poland’s Regulatory Impact Assessment unit and served on the Economic Council to the Prime Minister of Poland.

Jakub speaks English, German and Polish.



  • Master's Degree in International Economics, Warsaw School of Economics
  • Master's Degree in History, Warsaw University
  • Chartered Financial Analyst® chartholder (CFA)
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience