Lin Wai Hung is active in the Health Care practice area at Boston Consulting Group, focusing on all aspects of business strategy in that sector. He is based in the San Francisco office, but is currently working out of BCG’s New York office, serving as an Ambassador to BCG Henderson Institute. In this capacity, he is addressing and developing frameworks and future thinking for organizations to navigate complex and changing business environments.

Lin’s recent client work with pharmaceutical companies has included developing an oncology market access strategy based on assessments of future clinical and market access scenarios for breakthrough, but high-cost oncology therapies. He also has developed a digital autism therapy platform for a large pharmaceutical company. In addition, Lin has identified go-to-market launch strategies for new therapeutic agents in retail optometry.

Lin is also active in the media and entertainment and technology sectors, having designed and supported the transformation of a music streaming company in North America. Similarly, he has evaluated total shareholder return (TSR) for a large networking company and developed strategic options to improve future investor return.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience