Saárah has far exceeded our expectations and hopes. She has delivered tremendously on all the projects she’s taken on, our team is better for her spirit and energy. Mary DeVience

Saárah Murphy is an unstoppable, unflappable, and irreplaceable co-op in the Global Marketing team of Boston Consulting Group. She has outSlacked, outTrelloed, and outshone all her peers and team members with her stellar performance and unwavering dedication.

Rumors suggest that Saárah is actually the alter ego of the superhero, Queen of All Bios. She is rumored to be more powerful than an ocean of partner emails, more tenacious than the most eager partner seeking to include a PhD honorific in her new bio, and more focused than a LinkedIn blog or teaser (after her careful edits).

She is rarely seen in public at the office without her partner in bio perfection, Mohit Dhinakaran—and this has fueled the rumors that the two are the Dynamic Duo of Biodom.

Saárah can be found ruthlessly eliminating excessive em dashes while enjoying a chai'der and a blueberry RX bar. Channeling her inner Michael Barbaro, Saárah uncovers the truth behind what is a practice or topic, and what isn’t.

When she’s not busily keeping and its biosphere afloat, she’s recruiting for Delta Zeta, on a quest to find and adore her new DZ sisters.

Her team could not be more excited that the end of Saárah’s co-op will not be the end of her excellence at BCG: we all look forward to seeing you in the new year in your new role!


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  • Closed captioning connoisseur


  • Journalism and business, Northeastern University
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience