Sergey Sushentsev joined Boston Consulting Group in 2016. He is a member of BCG X, the firm’s tech build and design unit that brings together advanced tech knowledge and ambitious entrepreneurship to help organizations enable innovation at scale. Sergey has worked with clients in fashion, private equity, consumer companies, and finance. He currently leads BCG’s work on the future of loyalty for consumer companies.

Sergey’s many client engagements include building a leading loyalty and payments platform for a large retailer, setting up open innovation hub and accelerator for a US energy major, launching a blockchain platform for one of the largest diamond producers, and building a nextgen retail wealth management solution in the UK.

Before joining BCG, Sergey was a Managing Director at Rocket Internet (a leading EU startup incubator), responsible for launching and leading various ecommerce/marketplace ventures focusing on fashion, sports, and food. Prior to that, he worked at McKinsey & Company and Procter & Gamble


  • MBA, Harvard Business School