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Running Agile Projects

Developing Software at the Speed of the Cloud

Cloud developers are both revising the rules for writing software and breaking speed records in the release and updating of code. Traditional software teams can learn a lot from cloud development teams about unleashing creativity and satisfying customers.

Agile Product Organization

The End of Two-Speed IT

Two-speed IT was a great intermediate stage, letting companies gain experience in agile processes while retaining traditional development methods. But now it’s time to take the next step, to all-agile.

Agile Beyond Software

Boosting Performance Through Organization Design

Companies that adopt agile ways of working are five times more likely to experience faster growth and higher profits than those that don’t. Several other elements of good organization design can also help.

The Agile Marketing Organization

To increase their agility, chief marketing officers require very different capabilities and structures than were needed in the past.

Agile Across Industries