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BCG Welcomes Back Its Alumni

Three Programs to Bring Top Talent Back to BCG Cater to Alumni

June 8, 2017

At BCG we continuously transform the way we work to better meet the needs of our people and our clients—combining those efforts allows us to make a difference. We have reimagined how we think about our "One BCG, Many Paths" philosophy and recognize the diversity, commonality, and skill sets of BCGers. While we have graduated many alumni over the years, we believe that the path at BCG should not conclude but rather be more open ended.

With this evolution in mind, we are launching a number of innovative programs aimed at encouraging our talented alumni to return to BCG. These customized programs will allow our alumni to tackle the most challenging problems, collaborate with motivated and fast-moving teams, and have a positive and sustained impact on how we and our clients do business. We are proud to introduce our program to enable alumni experts to join the Expert Career Track; the Return to BCG program to create a path back to the consulting track; and the BCG Reserve program in North America to enable participants to work on specific projects on a contracted basis.

Expert Career Track (ECT)

  • Experts have a unique opportunity to combine client-facing work with developing their expertise and building BCG capabilities.
  • BCG alumni with long-standing experience in industry are ideal candidates for the expert track because they combine strong consulting skills with deep expertise.
  • There are many inspirational success stories of former BCG consultants who thrive on the expert track
  • For more information on the ECT, please reach out to: 

Return to BCG

The Return to BCG program is driven by the Women@BCG team in conjunction with our BCG offices to support high-performing alumnae in their return to the consulting track. Through the program, our alumnae will be able to customize their return and structure their careers to fit with their past experiences and present needs, in tandem with BCG's business needs. Our goal is to set returnees up for success by including the following features:

  • Sponsorship and mentorship from partners in the returnee's practice area(s)
  • Careful staffing of initial cases to ensure a smooth and successful transition
  • Numerous training and network-building opportunities
  • Specific policies to consider work-life blend, building upon recent evolutions, including the Predictability, Teaming, and Open communication program (PTO) and formalized flexibility options
  • Many alumnae and BCG Business Services Team (BST) women have successfully returned to the consulting track. Please see the program brochure to read more about success stories and to learn about the program.
  • For more information, reach out to:

BCG Reserve

The BCG Reserve program is a North American effort to leverage the tremendous skill of our alumni and offer opportunities to bring them back to BCG on flexible, project-based work. There are times when being able to work flexibly makes a real difference and where BCG Reserve can be helpful, such as in supporting a smooth reentry to the workforce; providing a bridge from one career or job to the next; or creating a different option when a full-time, all-the-time path no longer fits life's goals or demands. It is also true that a slice of the workforce now wants to work permanently on a flexible basis.

  • The BCG Reserve program matches the strengths, aspirations, and schedules of our alumni with BCG's need for strong, capable resources familiar with our work approach and standards.
  • Cohort members specify availability and interest up front and across an array of dimensions—content, independence, travel, team size, capacity, time of year—so that careful matching with projects results in a win-win.
  • Thus far, projects have included a strategic go-to-market effort with the global executive team, a US branding study, and a digital workplace experience strategy project.
  • For more information on BCG Reserve, please reach out to: 

We hope that many BCGers—past and present—will consider their paths at BCG as ongoing and will participate in the programs, either now or in the future. We know that opportunities must be seized at the right time for each person and that BCG likewise will have varying needs across regions, practice areas, and cohorts over time. For this reason, we hope to continue the conversation with many of you to help you discover the right fit. We also hope to further build programs that allow our alumni and BCG to decide the right moment for a return.

We are very excited to reach out to all of our alumni to celebrate these new programs and the diverse opportunities they offer. We invite you to rediscover what it means to Build. Connect. Grow. at BCG.

BCG Welcomes Back Its Alumni