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The DigitalBCG Advantage: BCG’s Response to the Digital Imperative

Are You Familiar with BCG's Digital Offer?

Digital transformation is rewriting the underlying economics across industries. While this is not a new trend, we now see digital embedded in every conversation with our clients, especially when looking beyond the obvious in new technology offerings.

What’s exciting about digital is that much of the technology is already available. The discussion is increasingly focused on how to digitize business processes to enable more plug-and-play services, more meaningful data, and more seamless business models that are designed for longevity and diverse business environments. At BCG, we help our clients navigate their digital journey by moving away from outdated legacy business practices and embracing new analytical and creative approaches to solve the most critical business issues.

Through an entrepreneurial lens, we focus on identifying market needs to help our clients capture new opportunities. Our distinct digital road map to value combines strategic advisory with digital enablement to bring BCG’s bundled expertise to our clients for maximum impact. Successful results come from connecting the digital implications back to a business-driven plan for long-term digital transformation.

Whether the challenge is tracking the latest megatrends or identifying new areas for breakthrough business innovation and corporate venturing, BCG helps companies make the most of today’s opportunities while positioning themselves for tomorrow’s possibilities.

BCG’s Unique Approach to Digital

What do a strategy consultant, a data scientist, a visualization expert, and an IT architect have in common at BCG? They are integral parts of a unique model that responds to the wave of digital uncertainty by identifying opportunities for our clients.

As a firm, we have been executing digital work in different pockets for years, resulting in a multitude of frameworks across regions and practice areas. We have recently established a standardized global digital framework to streamline our approach and to speak with one powerful and cohesive voice about our unified offer. We have already applied this digital framework to many of the world’s leading organizations to help them solve the complex challenges that arise as they align their organization to drive digital growth.

Digital transformations involve the entire organization. Companies must be able to clearly communicate the impact of digital on their business strategy—and also look within and beyond the core business to build an evolving competitive digital advantage and unlock digital strategic enablers.

At the top of our framework, the digital-driven business strategy is underpinned by two key initiatives—implementing new business models and the complete transformation of existing models and processes. Ultimately, we are addressing the same fundamental business problems, but with innovative new tools.

Each step of the value chain can be digitized, from product and service innovation to support functions. With digital also come new business opportunities and the chance to work with our clients from ideation to implementation. We also bear a number of “shared digital accelerators” that leverage common methodologies and tools to accelerate digital transformation across the business spectrum.

Our powerful framework is critical to achieving a successful digital transformation. The business enablers that underpin our offer help equip companies to train and empower their people, align their organization, deliver breakthrough insights through data and analytics, transform technology platforms, and leverage the new digital ecosystem.

We bring the BCG digital framework to our clients primarily through 14 Key Digital Programs (KDPs), which are codified, proven offerings. The KDPs can be applied across regions and industries, and each KDP is supported by expert owners, selling materials, and targeted training. Clients also have the opportunity to experience the programs at their respective physical centers, starting with the New York Digital Center.

Two of our KDPs are Build-Operate-Transfer and the Digital Acceleration Index. BCG’s unique enablement model helps companies jumpstart organizational digital transformation, while the index focuses on evaluating the organization’s existing digital maturity. For a sample of BCG’s widely applicable and industry-specific solutions, please click here.


Companies realize the imperative of digital transformation, but struggle to achieve digital change at scale, at scope, and at speed. BCG’s unique enablement model—Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.)—is designed to help organizations achieve these goals.

Through our B.O.T. program, we can build, operate, and transfer internal digital capabilities by using a Digital Center that is at the core of the transformation. This center recruits, trains, and certifies digital talent and delivers digital projects—striking a critical balance between the capability to build for the future and the constant delivery of scaled-up digital assets.

Digital Acceleration Index

Many organizations need to clarify their vantage point through their digital transformation journey. With our Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) program—a questionnaire-based assessment—we help organizations evaluate their digital maturity and accelerate their digital transformation. The DAI is unique because it covers digital across the entire value chain. With more than 2,000 data points, our database allows benchmarking tailored for industries, segments, and countries. DAI helps organizations align on one digital ambition, define their digital strategy, and develop an integrated road map.

In addition to our KDPs, analytics tools, and capabilities, BCG covers an extensive array of digital topics and offerings, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things , and many others. For an in-depth look at BCG’s latest thinking in technology and digital, please click here.