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Adriana Marcelino and Julie Sadtler

Grow by Growing Others

The alumni communications team recently sat down with two BCGers, Adriana Marcelino (Executive Assistant, São Paulo) and Julie Sadtler (NAMR BST Learning & Development Lead, BCG Nexus Atlanta) who returned to the firm after pursuing opportunities at other companies. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

May 29, 2019

Why did you choose to return to BCG?

JS: Leaving BCG was incredibly hard. Although it made sense at the time, I think I always knew I would come back. The people I have met at BCG have become lifelong friends—the kind you spend holidays with, and whose kids call you “Aunt Julie”!—and having the opportunity to work next to them again has been incredibly rewarding.

While I was away, I worked with some extremely talented people, but found that I really missed BCG’s strategic approach to problem solving and its people-focused culture. One of BCG's core pillars is to “grow by growing others,” which makes sense the other way, too. I find that I do my best work when surrounded by people who challenge my thinking and capabilities—a trait that inspired me to change careers to start working at BCG in 2005. This inspiration led me back to the firm in 2017.

What sets BCG apart is that its entire team is dedicated entirely to helping clients succeed and making an impact on the world, all while maintaining personal and intellectual integrity. I feel like we accomplish this internally by helping each other be our best each and every day.

AM: I had decided to move on from my previous job and learned about an opening at BCG, which was exciting, because it was amazing to work here the first time around. Based upon this experience, I decided to apply to my current position looking for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while enriching my career.

How did the firm change during your time away?

JS: I was excited to return to the “new” BCG, in particular the new shared-services office in Atlanta, because I knew I would have a unique opportunity to watch it grow and evolve. I didn’t truly grasp the magnitude of change and growth until I returned. I was awestruck by the number of new employees and capabilities that had emerged while I was away. It’s an exciting time to be at BCG.

AM: The firm is much bigger, as is my home office, measured both by the number of professionals and departments. I’m struck by the fact that despite such significant growth, the essence of what BCG is and how it operates, namely, its employees’ enduring respect and commitment to serving its clients, hasn’t changed a bit.

How has your outside experience informed the way you work at BCG today?

JS: I was able to build on my industry knowledge by working for a small retail consulting firm and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pulp and paper products. Furthermore, I was able to use what I learned at BCG to help those companies build their leadership, coaching, skill development, and digital learning programs. That broad experience has been instrumental in making me a more well-rounded learning and development professional, with a much broader perspective of industry trends and best practices.

AM: I have been lucky enough to work at great companies across different sectors, and as a result have grown professionally and personally over the years. I believe that my extensive, diverse experiences from different organizations, along with the skills I developed at BCG the first time I was here, will help me thrive in my position today.

What’s the best thing about being back at BCG?

JS: I’m delighted to be back at BCG at a time when the task of developing our talent has never been more important. I have been provided with a unique opportunity to help grow our BST leadership development programs, which is perfectly aligned with my passion for developing others, and my strong belief in the value that our BST staff provides to our business on a daily basis. Being able to use what I’ve learned over the years to help grow our internal capabilities, and seeing the steps BCG has taken to strengthen our BST employees, has been truly inspiring and fulfilling. And on top of that, I am able to flex some muscles I have been wanting to use for a long while, so once again, BCG is honoring its promise to grow me!

AM: BCG has grown, but the most important things have stayed the same. It’s been a pleasure to see that BCG is still a great place to work, filled with many familiar faces, as well as amazing new ones. I believe it is important for BCG to maintain its record of growth and self-improvement so that it can continue to be a world-class place for professional development and global impact.

Grow by Growing Others