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Project Work

The same type of solution-driven collaboration that works so well with our commercial clients is, in many ways, even more critical and successful with our nonprofit partners. When our consultants work alongside their teams to formulate or implement strategy or to unlock new approaches, we help build capabilities at our partner organizations and shape their future—together. 

Get acquainted with a few BCGers and learn about their project experiences.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The malaria team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation consists of world experts in fields from malaria drug development to delivery. BCG helped bring together their thoughts to develop a clear strategy. It was exciting to see the value and support BCG can deliver.

Imogen Pryce
Los Angeles

Business 20

Established in 2010, the Business 20 is a global forum of corporate and institution leaders who recommend business policies to the Group of 20 (G20)—itself an economic forum representing 19 member countries and the European Union. The Business 20 is hosted each year by the business community in the nation hosting the G20.

In 2015, BCG is a knowledge partner to Business 20 Turkey. In project work supporting this effort, Principal Asli Kurbay is focusing primarily on working with the Financing Growth Task Force of the Business 20. She has helped to identify solutions that will increase financing opportunities for SMEs, which create many jobs and thus are significant drivers of growth. The task force is a network of about 100 high-level individuals from across the public and private sector.

The primary focus of Business 20 Turkey is that all the summit's recommendations can be implemented. This challenged me to think across multiple dimensions, especially from the perspective of governors. We also wanted to take a fresh look at financing problems with SMEs. Rather than relying on banks and government funds, we sought to make alternative financing methods such as supply chain financing and crowdfunding more widely available for SMEs.

My experience in Business 20 Turkey has given me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the driver's seat of an effort aiming to increase global welfare. Trying to find solutions to global problems such as the financing of SMEs has helped me enhance my ability to understand topics from several different perspectives. It also has taught me how challenging it is to get different parties to move in the same direction—and how satisfying it is to find solutions that you really believe in.

Asli Kurbay


Building the Hamburg Joblinge site nearly from scratch was a truly exciting challenge and experience. It provided great learning opportunities across many dimensions, including coordinating very diverse stakeholders: city authorities, company HR heads, CEOs, the Joblinge HQ team, and of course the Hamburg crew themselves.

It was not only a great learning experience but also so rewarding to work for such a good cause and see the impact of a newly established Joblinge branch in Germany's second largest city!

Kai Monheim
Project Leader

Save the Children

Our team has supported Save the Children in creating its 2016-18 strategy. The work has included reviewing the social sector landscape to understand the important trends and players and helping to prioritize the initiatives to ensure that Save the Children tackles the most important topics first.

I found that creating a strategy for a social sector organization requires a process remarkably similar to that used by our corporate clients.

It was fulfilling to be able to use our BCG skills and resources to help drive success at an important nonprofit.

Jeanine Lavender
Project Leader
BCG in Society
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