BCG GAMMA Career Opportunities

We are seeking strong candidates with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and software engineering backgrounds to join the BCG GAMMA team.

BCG GAMMA offers a unique opportunity to join a world-class team applying the most advanced analytics techniques in a rewarding environment. We recruit candidates directly from universities, and we also look for professionals with experience managing analytics or engineering teams at leading corporations or analytics services firms.

Career Paths

Data Science Team

Data Scientists and Senior Data Scientists. Data scientists and senior data scientists design and build analytics solutions for our clients when data and analytics are at the heart of the question. The team interaction centers on the use of statistical programs and other tools to conduct intensive analysis of objective data and open discussion, complemented by objective research into the competitive environment. 

Lead Data Scientists and Associate Directors. Lead data scientists and associate directors work closely with BCG partners to drive our company’s growth. They are expected to be recognized experts in data science and to manage teams of data scientists in order to build innovative new products and analytics solutions. Lead data scientists and associate directors also take a larger and more proactive role in shaping the strategy of BCG GAMMA—and of BCG overall. Additionally, they are responsible for a large portion of client relationship management for the analytics effort.

Engineering Team

Forward-Deployed Lead Software Engineers and Associate Directors. Forward-deployed lead software engineers and associate directors are bridging the gap between business and engineering, and functioning with deep expertise in both worlds. As strong engineering leader and experts in building complex systems, they are responsible for transforming how we use technology to increase the performance of our clients. They are experienced at guiding the implementation of large and scalable AI software platforms and products by leading several implementation and data science teams.

Forward-Deployed Senior Software Engineers. Forward-deployed senior software engineers design, develop, and implement enterprise-grade software solutions with clients. They bring bleeding-edge data science models into production together with a highly multidisciplinary team. They build market leading solutions and make them key enablers for BCG GAMMA and our clients.

BCG GAMMA Product and Advanced Analytics Team

  • Software Development. Our software developers provide technical leadership, solution guidance, and orchestrate adoption of new technologies centered around open source. They create codes or programmed software to address business objectives, goals, or processes and provide the functionality of the developed software.
  • Delivery. Our presales, implementation, and solution specialists in this area ensure successful client delivery of BCG’s vast software portfolio and data solutions for sustained impact and increased adoption. They also provide advisory to consulting teams and client stakeholders at every stage of deployment, from understanding client's processes, mapping product features, and applying BCG’s proprietary methodologies to ensure full program delivery.
  • Data and Analytics. Experts in one or more data domains (including predictive analytics, optimization, geoanalytics, simulation, automation, and programming analytics) who can effectively contribute towards design and execution of data-intensive solutions and products. Our data and analytics experts are responsible for helping BCG case teams, clients, and internal functions to deliver outstanding commercial value by analyzing numeric data and using it to make better decisions.
  • Data Engineering. Our data engineers are go-to experts for the creation and maintenance of analytics infrastructure as well as designing, building, and implementing the data systems that fuel machine learning and AI analytics. They also support BCG case teams, clients, and internal functions in developing information processes and data pipelines for data acquisition, transformation, migration, modeling, and data mining.
  • Product Management. Our product managers guide the success of our data solutions and products and lead the cross-functional team responsible for their improvements. With a complete oversight over the full solution or product lifecycle, they are key orchestrators of product execution against plan and key milestones.
  • UX Design. Our design team delivers exceptional product experiences that meet user needs through purpose, function, and a focus on premium design. They design solutions, products, and tools that are easy to use and understand by applying best practices of human-centered design, agile UX, and design thinking to create intuitive and engaging digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions for Data Science and Engineering Team Candidates

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How much travel can I expect as a BCG GAMMA consultant?

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