The Brightline Initiative

Bridging the gap between strategy design and strategy delivery

The Brightline Initiative is a non-commercial coalition dedicated to helping organizations bridge the all-too-common gap between the planning of a strategy and its successful execution. The initiative was founded as the result of a partnership between Boston Consulting Group and the Project Management Institute (PMI) and builds off of work completed through the BCG Fellows Program. We recognized that strategy implementation was an increasing challenge for organizations, and formally established Brightline as a founding member with PMI and the Agile Alliance in 2017. Brightline is an initiative designed to powerfully improve the chances of success of large scale strategic initiatives and in turn help enterprises enhance value creation and competitive advantage. Since its founding, Brightline has brought in a host of other organizations as coalition members to further the initiative’s mission of bridging the gap between strategy design and delivery.

Focus Areas

The Brightline Initiative has three main areas of focus: thought and practice leadership, networking, and capability building.

Each of these focus areas seeks to improve an organization’s ability to deliver strategic initiatives.

  • Thought and Practice Leadership. Gather leading research and innovative solutions that enable companies to better implement their strategies. The ‘practice’ aspect of this offering refers to approaches and tools (such as frameworks and assessments) that support successful strategy implementation.
  • Networking. Design networking opportunities that allow executives to share experiences and advance each other’s ability to successfully deliver strategic initiatives.
  • Capability Building. Create research libraries, executive education programs, certifications, and publications to give executives the opportunity to deepen knowledge and cultivate skills.

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