Client Enablement

Our goal is to enable you and your team to sustain competitive performance in the long run. That's why a critical element of the Key support model is equipping your organization with the capabilities needed to use the Key approach and tools independently.

Preparation for Long-Term Success

  • Client teams learn the approach through working together with the BCG team. 
  • During the initial phase of Key by BCG, we benchmark the competition, define the target, and begin the idea generation and prioritization process. 
  • We will help ensure the development of robust business cases, train teams on the approach, and customize the digital platform according to your business imperatives. 
  • We will work with you to foster a culture of leadership accountability and employee empowerment. 
  • After setup, we will help coach your team to manage your business’ performance for the long-term. We will leave you with an independently functioning performance management team and the supporting digital platform.
Key by BCG