Design and Manage Successful Change Programs

Help your people develop the capabilities they need to manage change more confidently and effectively.

The ability to execute strategic, ambitious, and sustainable change is creating winners. A robust change-management capability is a competitive advantage. Companies that can build superior change capabilities will outperform their peers and succeed in the long term.

Some companies have what it takes to manage change effectively. Yet, for most, change is hard. It is a well-known fact that 50-75% of all change programs fail.

That’s why we have established the Change Enablement Center.

At the Change Enablement Center, we help our clients build the next level of change capabilities. We will partner with your teams to shape your change agenda and equip your managers and leaders with the skills they will need to execute successful change programs. Furthermore, we will help put in place the next-level business platforms your teams will need to sustain and drive the change—all in the context of delivering tangible business results.

Our core offering includes:

  • A comprehensive change-capabilities diagnostic
  • A suite of proprietary tools and methodologies that underpin the change program
  • Individual skill-building and coaching programs based on a comprehensive change-management curriculum
  • Access to a broad community of experts from BCG’s Change Enablement Center

Our change-enablement programs deliver, on average, 110% of targeted value and the next-level of capabilities and confidence your team will need to manage change efforts effectively.

Client Learning and Enablement