Boost Your Organization’s Pricing Capabilities

Improve your pricing model and infrastructure; upgrade the skills of your pricing team.

Pricing is a complex task. We find that even the strongest organizations have areas in which they need to “up their game” in order to capture the maximum benefits of a pricing strategy.

Over the years, BCG has helped many clients across the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors improve their pricing capabilities. Capitalizing on our deep experience, we have established the Pricing Enablement Center.

Our typical pricing program provides 2 to 8 points of revenue impact to the bottom line. Pricing enablement boosts your organization’s pricing capability and equips your teams to sustain and magnify your pricing results.

Our center can support you in two fundamental ways. First, we help drive step changes in your pricing operating model, organization, processes, tools, and governance. Second, our center also upgrades the skills of your pricing team with our robust curriculum and on-the-job learning programs.

BCG’s Pricing Enablement Center offers the following:

  • Pricing maturity assessment
  • Talent assessment and sourcing support
  • Trainings, academies, and coaching
  • Best practices and benchmarks on running the pricing function
  • Tools and IT system navigation

We tailor each pricing enablement program to the needs of its organization. Through our comprehensive pricing maturity assessment, we help identify key areas in which capability improvements will drive business results, and we work with our clients to build the next level of pricing capabilities.

Client Learning and Enablement