Integrate Strategy into the Fabric of Your Organization

Empower your people by giving them a strategic edge.

Many companies—even high performers—don’t have all the broad-based strategy skills they need to generate sustained, profitable growth. The problem is that the process of strategy development and execution is often detached from the organization at large, driven by a handful of people within the strategy function. As a result, strategy is not fully integrated and owned by the company as a whole, and thus, it can’t unfold to its full potential.

To address these shortcomings, strategy—and strategic thinking—must form the heart of the organization. Companies must sharpen their ability to think strategically, learn how to allocate scarce resources effectively in the face of competing demands, and continually innovate—their products, services, and business models.

What if these capabilities were woven into the fabric of your organization in a way that empowered your people and gave them a strategic edge? What if strategy development was transformed from a standalone activity into a fully integrated organizational process fully owned by your people?

That’s the inspiration for BCG’s strategy enablement offering.

Tailored to Your Company’s Needs

At its core, strategy enablement is about improving your company’s strategy—and the value it creates—by enhancing the strategic capabilities of your people and organization. Each enablement partnership begins with a maturity assessment that helps us design a program tailored specifically for your team. Because the best strategists learn by doing, we take a hands-on, highly experiential approach to enablement that draws on a rich and tested inventory of techniques and programs, including the following:

  • The BCG Strategy Academy—an immersive multiday program delivered by BCG’s global experts
  • A curriculum of more than 20 product modules—focused on, for example, scenario and risk assessment, creativity, and customer demand evolution—tailored to our clients’ strategic needs
  • Coaching and mentoring with focused one-on-one support for key team members
  • Enhancement of the strategic planning processes
  • A review of the organization set-up of the strategy function
  • Strategy cosourcing, forming a long-term strategic partnership with a senior BCG team
Client Learning and Enablement